You're Invited to Kumejima Marathon!

“Looking for ‘more’ unique place to run? Here’s your answer.”

Kumejima, an island of 59.5 located 100km east of Naha, Okinawa, 

is one of Japan’s most “beautifully preserved” island. 

While it’s just a 30 minute flight from Naha, the island stores beautiful nature and culture,

along with historical background which is rarely exposed outside.


You won’t find many shops, restaurants or neon lights here.


Instead you can enjoy the original, unflavored lifestyle of Okinawa.


The 3 things you’ll find in Kumejima Marathon

Kumejima Marathon is held every October

when the island’s climate is most appropriate for running.

There are over 1000 runners every year,

and thankfully we can spot quite a few repeaters. 


Hey but - what’s so attractive about this marathon?



Well, here’s why.

Answer 1: Select Your Style - “Short” to “Full”

In Kumejima Marathon you are able to select a course from 4 options; 


Short : 5km

Medium : 10km

Half : 20km

Full : 42.195km


Whether you are an ‘easy-going’ runner or a ‘super’ runner,

we provide you with 4 courses to meet your request.

You may enjoy running with many Kuminchu (Kumejima local) runners

if you select Short~Medium course. 


If you like it easy, grab a bottle of water and take a walk

with other participants and Kuminchu.


You can enjoy this marathon in different ways.

Answer 2: Experience and Taste “the Most Beautiful Island”

“Kumi no Shima”,

meaning the “most beautiful island in Ryuku islands”,

is not just a metaphor.


The beautiful emerald shore,

softly shimmering with the sunlight – along with

deep blue contrast in the offing.


The slow rhythm of the waves highlight

that you are running in the open, untouched nature.


But wait – you’ll soon be taking an insight of the Ryukyu culture;

beat of the drum, traditional “Eisar” dancers, and cheers from the local citizens.



That’s not all.



You’ll also be enjoying our special food at the aid station.


We can’t tell you what’s there yet,

Kuminchu will await with warm hospitality for you – so

keep your eyes open wide and don’t miss the aid station!

Answer 3: You are no longer a visitor – you are “Kuminchu”!

Cutting the tape won’t conclude your day.

It’s now time to enjoy the “Free Awamori” stand-up party.


Once you make a toast, you are

no longer our “guest” – you are “Kuminchu”!


Take this opportunity to make friends

and extend your relationship with other participants and locals.

How to apply for Kumejima Marathon

Interested in the event? 

Here’s how you can make your application for Kumejima Marathon.


Apply via email

Email to

Apply via phone

Call us directly at +81-98-987-4000 and request application.


Operating hours: Mon-Fri, 10:30 – 16:00 JST

For more info

Here are some additional points of contact

if you need more assistance with your plan.

Feel free to contact and request support – we’re here for You!

Hotel Reservation

Kumejima Tourism Bureau

Phone: +81-98-896-7010


Operating hours

Mon~Fri(*) 8:30-17:00 JST

* excluding national holiday


Other Equiries

Kumejima Marathon HQ


Phone: +81-98-985-7106


Operating hours

Mon~Fri(*) 9:00-17:00 JST

* excluding national holiday


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the event.

Q: How can I access Kumejima? Do I need reservation?

There are 2 options; by Air or by Ferry.

Air: 7 flights per day from/to Naha Airport, approx. 30min one way.

Ferry: 1 or 2 cruise per day from/to Naha Port, approx. 3hr30min one way.


Please note that either options require reservation in advance.

Please contact Kumejima Tourism Bureau staff

for assistance (including accommodation reservations).


Q: Is there a place where I can store my luggage?

Yes, we will setup a temporary luggage storage on the day of the event.

However please keep the valuables to yourself.


Q:How can I reach the Airport/Ferry port after the Marathon?

We will charter free shuttle bus on the following timeslot.

Please make sure to be on time.


To Ferry port: departs at 14:00

To Airport: departs at 18:00


Q: Is there Upper Limit to the number of participants?

Yes we will be setting upper limit – but we will be flexibly accepting applications even if we reach the limit.

Notes and Disclaimers

  • Transportation and accommodation is limited. Please make your plan in advance and make necessary reservations as soon as possible.
  • In the event of omission or incomplete application your spot may not be reserved, and due to lack of timing record no award will be available. Please be careful.
  • Participants are required to run on the left side of the road. Please follow the instructions of our staff.
  • Participants without a displayed number card will not be allowed on the course for escort or running.
  • Time Records are performed by RT Torso. Do NOT remove the tags on your number card before you cross the finish line, otherwise your time will not be recorded.
  • Always pay attention to your health - before, during and after the event.
  • If you feel physical/mental unusualness during the event, please stop immediately and contact the staff. Also please follow the directions by doctor or referee.
  • Please do not drink alcohol the day before and until the race is over.
  • The organizers will only perform first aid for injuries that occur during the competition. They are not liable for accidents or theft.
  • Participants are required to return the tags after the race, including abstentions. For unreturned or damaged tags you will be fined with penalty of 2000 yen.
  • Please keep valuables to yourself. Staffs do not own liability or responsibility in the event of theft or damage.
  • Please be aware that non-event vehicles or stopovers are not allowed due to safety concerns and that any players escorted will be disqualified immediately.
  • If you cannot receive your participation prizes, please contact us and we can send it to you (Cash on Delivery).

Legal Notices

Participants are regarded to have acknowledged the following items when applying for the tournament.

  1. The Organizer are not liable or take responsibility for loss, theft, accident, diseases or other issues except for first aid.
  2. Applications cannot be changed or canceled.
  3. Applications with false declaration of age, sex, appearance, or applicant are regarded as cancelled.
  4. Entry fees will not be refunded in the following case;
    - Event is cancelled due to weather, accident, or natural disaster
    - Applicant makes excessive payment, duplicate payment, or items 2 and 3 above.

Publication rights such as TV, newspapers, magazines, internet video, photographs, articles or records of the tournament belongs to the organizer.